Poetry: Haikus and Limericks on Trust

Written by members of our Autumn 2022 Reading Group


A reading group based out of Dublin


chose a topic ignored cuz it’s troublin’.


Trin-i-tee didn’t care,


UCD met the dare,


With discussions that left some* a’strugglin. 

For that topic — like air, 

or a bald man’s despair**

whether social construct, 

or a norm that got f#*%ed***  : o 

seems a problem when it’s just… not there


* hesitantly raises hand

** with apologies for the hairist slight

*** not sure if criteria for limerick includes lewdness, so am checking that box off; pronounced with a Canadian “uh”, not a Dublin “oo”


by Rob Harvie


I’m the hand-drier

Waiting silently to work

Now it’s time – hot air


by Iarfhlaith Watson


There once was a concept called trust

To analyse it was a must

So on Thursdays at two

What else could we do?

But meet Adam and have it discussed 


by Imelda Maher


In the autumn wind

Finding what it is to trust

Knowledge extended


by Lucas Dijker




Crowded bus stop. Rain.

Waiting for the bus to arrive.

It doesn’t. I’m late.


by Katerina Pavlidi


Time has come for us to meet

The time for trust was now

Under a specific time

During a specific era

With different times we understand

What is the trust?

Is it a matter of time?

Time is 2pm….


by Yota Deli


A baby has trusted its mother

And through this encounters the other

Through the other’s caresses

She learns she possesses

A self she can trust and discover.


by Adam Kelly


There was once was a mother with daughter,

The rules of society she taught her,

With literature and art, 

She taught her in parts,

But trust was thrown out with the bath water.


by Phil J. Ryan


Bickering again,

Everything shall return to 

The baby paper.


by Alexander Kroll


I stopped my early breakfast

Thinking of all that we had discussed

It shocked me because

The question never was

To trust or not to trust.


by Somsubhra Banerjee


A trust themed zoom call

Behind a digital veil

Wisdom from afar.


by Alexander Kroll


Vulnerable now

To the elements. This is

The nature of trust.


by Adam Kelly


Thirty page reading,

I turn the final leaf –

What is this trust thing?


by Phil J. Ryan

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