Reading Group: Literature and Trust (Autumn 2023)

(28 Sep) Theorising Literary Trust

Attridge, Derek, “Trusting the Other: Age of Iron” (2004)

(5 Oct) Early Modern Trust

William Joseph Sterrett, “Trust and the Word in Romeo and Juliet” (2019)

Shari Sabeti, “Shakespeare, Adaptation, and ‘Matters of Trust’” (2017)

(12 Oct) Romantic Trust

Tim Milnes, “Beyond Excess: Romanticism, Surplus, and Trust” (2015)

Dietmar Schloss, “The Trust Debate in the Literature of the American Renaissance” (2021)

(19 Oct) Victorian Trust

Richard Mallen,  “George Eliot and the Precious Mettle of Trust” (2001)

Supritha Rajan, “The Epistemology of Trust and Realist Effect in Charles Dickens’s Bleak House” (2017)

(26 Oct) No meeting

(2 Nov) Modernist Trust

John Attridge, “Episodic Trust: Self, Sociology and Society in Proust” (2013)

Max Saunders, “Ford Madox Ford, Impressionism and Trust in The Good Soldier” (2013)

(9 Nov) Postmodernist Trust

Ihab Hassan, “Beyond Postmodernism: Toward an Aesthetic of Trust” (2003)

Tatyana Gershkovich, “Suspicion on Trial: Tolstoy and Nabokov” (2019)

(16 Nov) Contemporary Trust

Günter Leypoldt, “Knausgaard in America: Literary Prestige and Charismatic Trust” (2017)

Katharina Rennhak, “Narrating Crises of Trust in Post-Celtic Tiger Fiction” (2023)

(23 Nov) No meeting

(30 Nov) Work by Group Members

Rob Hawkes, “The Descent of Money: Wharton and Galsworthy” (2022)

Alex Kroll, “Deindustrialization Nation” (2023)

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